Public Speaking and Presenting Tips For Each Dosha Type

Whether you're filming a youtube video, giving a speech or presenting on zoom meeting these presentation skills are going to help you deliver your ideas in an effective and engaging way.

We all have unique ways of expressing ourselves depending on our Dosha combinations. If you want to read more about Dosha types click here or would like me to evaluate yours join my waiting list here.

The logic is that we all have a natural imbalance of one of these elements and that results in us having a predisposition to certain ways of speaking. You might be wondering, why did I dedicate a whole chapter to something so specific as public speaking? Well, I believe that the way we communicate and present our ideas is one of the most crucial aspects of the human experience. Our storytelling can help us connect with others in a truly meaningful way. We all have unique lives and experiences that have the power to make others laugh, cry, heal, as well as motivate, heal, inspire and transform. Maybe you've never and will never give a Ted Talk, but you might have a story to tell at a dinner party. So, here's how you can improve your skills depending on your Dosha Type.


Vata personalities are vivacious, energetic, and communicative.

For many Vata types, presenting ideas is a pleasurable experience. Listeners are typically captivated by their inventiveness and imagination, which makes for fantastic storytelling. They're also good at finding the perfect words to gracefully communicate complex or emotionally tough concepts.

However, Vatas have a tendency to speak in a loud and obnoxious manner.

Vata Speaking Predispositions:

  • Talkative, vivacious, and ebullient

  • Body language that is active and descriptive gestures

  • They are engrossing, making them fantastic storytellers

  • They make use of metaphors

How Vata Types Can Improve Their Speaking Abilities

  • Speaking with purpose by staying focused

  • Being mindful of saying too many redundant things or blabbering

  • Speaking slowly, using pauses, and even asking the audience questions


Pitta personalities are natural communicators who use their words effectively.

Pitta personalities are goal-oriented, and their presentation style reflects that. They don't usually communicate only for the sake of having a good time. They frequently seek to persuade.

Pitta personalities are able to communicate themselves plainly and without frills. This is an excellent asset in professional and corporate contexts, particularly in the scientific, financial, and academic fields.

Vata Speaking Predispositions:

  • Encouraging

  • Short and to-the-point

  • Intelligent and passionate

How Pitta Types Can Improve Their Speaking Abilities

  • Use a lively and inspiring tone, rather than a condescending and aggressive one

  • Be mindful of coming across as too direct or stiff

  • Offer compassionate answers to questions and inspire with motivating information


Kapha's nurturing character shows in their communication style.

Kaphas are communicators who communicate slowly and thoughtfully. Two of their greatest abilities are soothing people and assisting others in solving challenges. When speaking, Kaphas use their words, as well as their energy and presence, to accomplish this.

Kaphas make room for others, and their offerings are frequently offered with tenderness. This is a lovely service that no other dosha can match in terms of quality.

Kapha Speaking Predispositions:

  • Kaphas have a tendency to speak in a loud and obnoxious manner

  • Consistent and reassuring

  • Tend to have a considerate tone and choice of words

  • Encouraging and nurturing

  • Not too forthright, and not too wordy

How Kapha Types Can Improve Their Speaking Abilities

  • Bring about student engagement

  • Share personal stories and anecdotes

  • Make use of body language and various gestures, especially hands

We can also be mindful of when presenting to a specific dosha type. For example, if we are presenting to a room full of CEOs we might want to keep in mind that your listeners have pitta energy.

Vata personalities appreciate using metaphors and personal stories to help them understand and remember what they're reading.

Pitta personalities prefer a well-organized and planned presentation using data, charts, and diagrams.

Kapha personalities are good listeners. To make your points, use instances, but refrain from telling long or winding anecdotes.

How all types can improve their speaking skills

1) Use personal (or anecdotal) examples

If you're trying to explain information or prove a point, use personal examples or anecdotes from history. This will help you connect with people by making the story more relatable and provide evidence in a creative way.

2) Relax

If you find yourself getting nervous, focus on relaxing your muscles, especially your facial muscles, or even try taking in slower, deeper breathes as you speak. That will help you seem more at ease and it will help others feel more comfortable listening to you.

3) Engage with the audience

Ask them questions, even rhetorical ones if you're in a large crowd. This will help you connect with people as you are speaking and make them feel like they are involved in the whole process. Try using phrases like 'Have you ever', ' Did you know' or 'Can you guess'.

4) Be honest

If you are nervous, say you are nervous. That will make you seem more human and again, relatable. People are also very good at picking up on such ques, so by saying what everyone is thinking or feeling, you are then able to connect with them and seem authentic. If you are not sure of something or if you don't know the answer, admit it and let others know that they can too help you figure it out.

Take a few time to think about...

What are your plans for sharing your talent with others?

What are your biggest teaching and/or public speaking strengths?

What did you discover about your abilities?

What are some areas in which you'd like to improve?

How receptive are you to criticism?

How will you use criticism and recommendations to help you improve?

Do you need help improving your public speaking skills or would like to learn more about harnessing Ayurveda to reach your ultimate potential mentally, physically, and spiritually? If your answer is yes to any of those questions, please feel free to join my waiting list here.

Wishing you enthusiasm, energy, and authenticity when telling your stories.



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