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September Newsletter: Ayurveda With Anya


Healing Hack of The Month: Serene Surroundings

Herb of The Month: Ginko

ASStrology: Astrology Skeptic Section:

Dear September: Angels, Demons and Structure (I've spent too long in Ibiza lol)

It's September next week and I am excited to launch my monthly newsletter with all of you magical Angels who have blessed me every day.

Whenever I feel like giving up, I look into my email list and see 400 of you who have chosen to join me on this journey.

You have trusted me with your email and I am so grateful for that. I hope to share with you my wisdom and findings every month that will help you.

Once again, I love you, thank you for being you. You are amazing. You are an Angel.

Healing Hack of The Month: September is About Your Surroundings

Look around... what can you add/remove or change in your surroundings? Things carry energy and when there's too much going on it can actually cause a lot

of chaos. I noticed that when I remove things from my space I actually feel a lot better and at ease. The things that do stay actually also start to function better...

I noticed that when removing the 5 stacks of books I normally have, I actually end up reading that one I have on the shelf. It stands out more. When I have that 1 candle, instead of a plethora of intense sticks, sage and palo santo... I feel like I lighting it.

Herb of The Month: Ginko Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is often referred to as a "magical herb" or a "miracle herb" by some people due to its long history of use in traditional medicine and its perceived health benefits, especially for memory and cognitive function, something we are going to need in this 'going back to school' month of September hahah.

It can even help with conditions like dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and peripheral artery disease and according to this study it even helps us grow stem cells and offers new hope for neurological disease treatment.

There's even more magic...

  1. Ancient History: Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest tree species on Earth, dating back over 270 million years. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to treat various ailments, which contributes to its mystique.

  2. Resilience: Ginkgo trees are incredibly hardy and can live for a very long time, even in adverse conditions. Some trees are known to have survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, further adding to the fascination with this plant. It is a symbol of endurance in the face of adversity.

  3. Unique Leaves: Ginkgo biloba leaves are distinctively fan-shaped and have a beautiful golden-yellow color in the fall. This unique appearance adds to the plant's allure.

  4. Sacred Geometry: The bilobed symmetry found in ginkgo leaves is a remarkable example of sacred geometry in nature. This distinctive feature goes beyond mere aesthetics; it carries profound symbolic and mathematical significance.


Astrology Skeptic Section

I'm a bit of an Astrology Skeptic, but once in a Blue Moon (a.k.a. TODAY!) I like to tune in...

I have always been an Astrology sceptic, and to be honest, I still am a little bit. However, I decided to look into it, as many successful people believe in Astrology and if it is true, I want to be best equipped for whatever is happening. There's no denying the fact that the way planets move affects our cells. If the moon can literally create waves and tides in the ocean, then surely it does something to our bodies ( I mean we are like 60-70 or something % water, right?).

So, in case it is true, here's something to be aware of:

1. 30th August (TODAY lol): Blue Moon 🌕 💙 🌝

Ever wondered about the mystical allure of a "blue moon"? Well, it's time to spill the cosmic tea! ☕🌌

First things first, let's clarify what we mean by a "blue moon." It's not usually blue, just to burst that bubble! A blue moon refers to the second full moon that graces our night sky within a single calendar month. It's like the universe saying, "You thought you'd only get one, but surprise, here's another!" 🌝🌝

Now, how does this lunar double-take affect us Earthlings? Well, it's all about energies and vibes, my friends. A blue moon is often seen as an opportunity for reflection and release. 🙏💫

Think of it as a cosmic reset button. It's a chance to let go of what's no longer serving us and to embrace new beginnings. So, if there's something you've been meaning to shed from your life, whether it's a bad habit or lingering negativity, a blue moon is your moment to say goodbye. 🌠👋

So, when you spot that extra-bright full moon in the sky, remember, it's not just a pretty sight – it's a chance to connect with the cosmos, realign your energy, and dance to the rhythm of the universe.

Harnessing the energy of a blue moon for manifestation can be a beautiful and personal ritual. Here's a simple one you can try: Blue Moon Manifestation Ritual


  1. Preparation: Find a tranquil spot where you won't be disturbed. Light the candle, or insence or play some nice music. Set the vibe you know 😉 .

  2. Make Magic: Words are spells they say, so write down exactly how you want this upcoming month to unfold. Here are some journalling prompts:

-What do I want to let go or what no longer serves me? How has it been holding me back, and how will I feel once it's released?

-What would I like to make space for?

Tip: Sometimes it's hard to let go. We might feel like 'it's not the right time' to break up with a person, place, job or habit. But, instead of waiting for a rock bottom or another heartbreak or even a health scare, ask yourself:

What was, or is, the lesson in this?

Oftentimes times challenges come into our lives so that we transcend. Our lives are a continuous journey of growth and self-discovery. Sometimes, we get caught up in these karmic cycles, repeating the same mistakes or experiencing similar challenges. But when we pause and reflect on the lessons within these cycles, we gain the insight needed to break free.

So, rather than resisting change, embrace it as an opportunity to evolve. Recognize that the challenges you face might be the universe's way of guiding you toward a higher level of understanding and wisdom. By acknowledging the lessons within these cycles, you can finally graduate from the patterns that have been holding you back and step into a more empowered and fulfilling version of yourself.

Maybe your consistent return to your ex is your inability to finally love yourself and believe you deserve better? If you didn't have it perhaps you'd never really learn to choose yourself.

Or, could your food or smoking addiction- perhaps without it you wouldn't learn to search for meaning outside 'earthly pleasures'?

I dunno... ask the:

2. Mercury Retrograde

So, you know when Mercury decides to do its little moonwalk in the sky? Yep, that's what we call "Mercury in retrograde." It basically means that Mercury is rotating backwards, which is why it's known to be a time when technology doesn't work well. So, during this celestial shimmy, be extra cautious not to start a roommate rumble without first double-checking if it's just a friendly chat that went sideways due to some language mix-up. You know, we've all been there!

See, our ancient pals used to call it "Vakri" in Sanskrit, which basically means a planet that looks like it's gone all "I'm going back, folks!" when we're watching it from Earth. But remember, it's just an optical illusion.

Fun fact: Mercury's got a reputation in Vedic astrology as the brainiac of the planets. We're talking smarts, speech, math skills, logic, wisdom – you name it, Mercury's got a finger in that cosmic pie.

Oh, and did you hear? Mercury's the boss of the Gandharvas, those celestial musicians and entertainers. Talk about having the coolest entourage in the solar system haha.

Dear September,

(more of a 'dear diary' than anything factual)

I feel like this month is going to lead to a lot of cool things. Energetically it feels like a new chapter, although I don't particularly vibe with the 'back to school' mentally, I do like the idea of bringing in more structure and discipline. Although the words carry a particular heaviness of boredom, un-fun and even aggression, these qualities often lead to happiness I find. They help me achieve the things I desire.

I was reading this one book the other day and I liked the idea that nothing is inherently 'good' or 'bad'. Just different. We have different options to take, we have the free will to choose where we want to go. And whilst there might not be a 'right' or 'wrong' decision, there is one that we would rather experience at the time.


Angels are like the police system of the universe. They bring structure into the space and help beings return to their purpose. Too much of it can also be not too great.


Demons are like the tricksters of the universe. They bring in even a little bit of adventure, comedy, danger and even play into the space, but again, too much of it can be terrible and definitely NOT funny.

So, this September I welcome Angels into the space. This summer I really have taken a break. I stayed in Ibiza for far too long haha both physically and mentally. The chaos was indeed much needed: it was fun and playful and made me feel alive and like a kid again. But, I am ready to go back to building my business, to helping people heal and 'cultivating my gardens' as Voltaire said.

As I write this, I can't help but wonder, dear reader, do you feel the same? Either way, I wish you nothing but alignment, healing and joy. I hope you follow your curiosity and choose your happiness this September and every month. Truly grateful to have you here with me.

Love and Light,



How did you find this newsletter? Is there anything you liked/disliked? Is there something you'd like me to talk about next month? I'd love to find out! Let me know by messaging me on Instagram :)

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