DNA Is Not Your Destiny- Ayurveda and It's Power to Transcend Your Health

Get ready to change your views on genetics.

Ayurvedic practises influence the expression of your genes, affecting your health on a cellular level.

According to research, we can adjust the expression of genes in a way that promotes self-regulation, healing, or homeostasis, while reducing the activity of genes that produce inflammation, which is the underlying factor in many chronic diseases.

For decades, medical scientists believed that if you had a family history of chronic illnesses, you were doomed to have them as well. We now know that this is not the case.

According to current research, your DNA does not determine your fate. Ayurvedic approaches aid in taking control of your health and preventing illness.

You have total complete control over your life.

At 21 I felt like I had lost my health forever and struggled with chronic fatigue, thyroid issues and was constantly sick. I didn’t want to go on medication and decided to try out the holistic approach first and guess what- it worked! I now feel healthier, stronger and wiser because of it. I then began to study holistic health and nutrition in order to get certifies and be able to share my knowledge, experience and strength with you all.

I take the mind, body approach and I’m the type of person to be brutally honest and harsh with you no matter the cost to your ego.

From my experience, ignorance is not bliss. Ignoring the signs is ignorance, and ignorance negation and negation outright denial of the truth- something needs to change.

At the end of the day, I want you to be happy and healthy, so let’s get started! Join my waiting list here.

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