Diary Entry 1- Intro To Ayurveda

'So what have you been up to?- Harry

'I am actually studying to become an Ayurvedic practitioner' -Me

'A what?' -Harry

'Ahh-yur-veh-dah? Do you know it?' -Me

'No what's that'- Harry

'Hahaha. Where do I even start? It's literally the most powerful tool we have for healing our own body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda is a lifestyle medical practice that empowers the inherent healing within us, guided by choices best suited for the individual’s unique dosha combination (body type). It's legit been around for thousands of years and managed to survive even when banned everywhere by colonizers.'

It's that moment when I realized just how much I wished I had this blog somewhere to give to my friend Harry. A blog that would allow him to not have to spend hours researching online, figuring out his body (Dosha Type see this blog) and what practices best suit him to reach optimal health. It's about bringing together ancient alchemy, and Ayurvedic practices, and modern research, for modern minds.

So, here you go Harry, and anyone who wants to level up their life, reach optimal health, which is not just the absence of illness but feeling centered, energetic, and awake with possibilities.


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