Ayurveda is a Lifestyle Medicine: How that Can Change Your Life, Prevent & Reverse Chronic Illnesses

Modern medicine has validated that 70-80% of all chronic illnesses can be not only prevented but also reversed with positive changes to lifestyle and nutrition according to Dr.Suhas Kshirsagar.

Getting to know your mind-body-type from birth (Pracruti Dosha) as well as the current imbalances that you are experiencing (Vikruti) can help you achieve the dynamic balance that you desire in all aspects of your life.

Modern science has backed up Ayurveda.

For a long time, scientists believed that our health was predetermined by our genes.

It felt certain that if our parents or grandparents had cancer, heart disease, or dementia, we would have similar illnesses as well.

However, we now know that our genes do not determine our fate.

Only 5% of illness-related gene mutations are fully penetrant, according to genetic researchers, which implies that carrying the gene ensures that we will develop the condition.

We have a remarkable potential to affect the expression of the other 95% of illness-related gene alterations, including genes for Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, diabetes, and many types of cancer, by our daily lifestyle choices.

For millennia, Ayurveda has recognised this.

Ayurvedic practitioners were teaching their patients the concepts of living a lifestyle that cultivates health, happiness, and longevity even before science discovered these exciting discoveries, in order to prevent ailments that they may be prone to. That's why Ayurveda is known as "the original lifestyle medicine."

Ayurveda recognised that the body is a field of energy and information in constant, dynamic interchange with the environment and the world beyond thousands of years before quantum physics was developed. Our body is not a frozen sculpture, but rather a conscious action that generates all of our experiences.

As a result, every action and thought we choose has the potential to alter our bodily and mental experiences.

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