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I want to share with you the EXACT methods and strategies I used in order to achieve some of the things I once only dreamed of: love, passion, purpose, health and growth.





I used this EXACT worksheet to manifest my goals. Don’t believe me? Check out the video I posted in September (When I had around 2K followers):


4 Step Higher Self

Manifestation Planner ​

Building Successful

Choose your habits,

choose your destiny.


I'd be nowhere without them.. correction, I wouldn't be without the,

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Make your own herbal tea with these 3 strategies in order to preserve the healing properties of your herbs!  

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3 Ways To DIY Tea 

How to heal from PCOS & hormone imbalance.


Summary of Alisa Vitti's Book The Women Code.



Women's Health

Tips From a Herbalist 

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