Your Dosha Type 101- Crash Course on Pitta, Vata, Kapha Dosha Types (Pitta-Vata, Pitta-Kapha etc.)

Updated: Jan 28

I am very excited for you to start your journey towards perfect health, which isn't just the absence of illness... it's feeling centred, energetic, and awake with possibilities!

Determining you body type (Dosha type) will help you make your body strong to withstand life's obstacle course. You can take your test here:


In Sanskrit, the word 'Vata' means 'to flow', which is why this Dosha type has more air than fire and earth. This mind-body type is inclined to be active, restless, and curious about new things. You probably speak as quickly as you think, and you may even hop from topic to topic. You're a natural communicator who frequently works in more creative fields. Physically, you have a slim build and are most likely cold-sensitive. Vata's fluctuating nature causes your appetite and energy levels to fluctuate. Your appetite is also generally quite inconsistent, so are your sleep patterns, and you tend to forget to eat or nibble on things randomly. Your stamina is average, usually, you start out strong and full of enthusiasm, but then tend to fade away.

You're quick to think, energetic, creative, and full of ideas when you're in balance, as well as very intuitive and aware. However, when out of balance you might get anxious and unfocused. When you're exhausted, you're more prone to stress, worry, insomnia, dry skin, bloating, and constipation.


This sign has more fire than earth & air. Pittas are vibrant and charming and thrive when the center of attention or in a leadership position.

You're quick-witted and articulate, with strong opinions and clear, confident speech. You're a smart decision-maker, possibly a high achiever, and maybe even competitive, thanks to your inquisitive intellect. You excel in fields like business, science, athletics, and law, as well as creative fields that allow you to express your courageousness and maverick side. You also have a very strong appetite, and get ‘Hangry’ easily and pretty much never skip meals. You have good stamina, and when necessary, you can push yourself with a mind-over-matter mindset. You sleep for shorter lengths of time than the majority of people, but when you do, it's pretty good.

When you're body type in balance you have considerable physical stamina and vitality, as well as a strong appetite and good metabolism. You're determined, focused, brave, as well as friendly and warm. However, when you are not in balance you may experience acid indigestion, heartburn, inflammation and sensitive skin, as well as premature greying or hair loss. You can also get very irritable, as well as being overly critical and judgemental towards yourself and others.


Kapha has more earth than air and fire. This mind-body type is dependable and loving, making an excellent best friend who is always willing to hug. Your calm and steady demeanor makes you a terrific team player and contributor. You could be classified as a 'silent achiever.' You are physically well-built and fed, with a smooth complexion, shiny hair, and skin that ages gracefully. You enjoy the comforts of your home and don't perform well in cold, wet weather. Your appetite is generally steady and you can skip a meal sometimes, usually, that's breakfast, as you prefer to take larger quantities of food later in the day. You have great endurance and stamina, but don't really want to put it to the test. You also love sleep 😴 ❤️, and like to sleep deeply and for a long time.

When balanced you are calm and collected, supportive and generally content, you have a moderate but steady appetite and enjoy sleeping.

However, when imbalanced you may be prone to a sluggish metabolism and a lack of motivation, as well as cravings for sweet food and carbs. This then leads to weight gain and lethargy, as well as congested sinuses and respiratory issues.

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I must point out that determining your Dosha type requires deeper dive into your physiology, you might be bi-doshic or tri-doshic, we also need to find out which areas of your life are imbalanced, therefore for more accurate results, please feel free to book in a 30-min 1 to 1 assessment with me here:

You will also receive a FREE Dosha-Balancing protocol specifically for your body type, including recipes, grocery lists, meditations, breathing techniques, exercises, as well as other daily tips.

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