What Movement Does Each Dosha & Body Type Need in Order to Stay in Balance and Reap the Benefits?

Vatas: Relaxing & Fluid Activity

Vatas have a lot of space and air so brining in earth and water in any way can really help balance Vata. Why not try going for a walk or cycle in nature where you can really experience those elements? I live in london and Hyde Park has some beautiful lakes and trees. Having said that, making sure you're in a warm environment is equally as important, as cold weather can throw you out of balance. Have you ever heard of hot yoga? That might be the best class if you.

If your Vata is imbalanced then you are already experiencing too much movement in your system. There's too much activity, perhaps you've been travelling a lot, feeling ungrounded due to feelings of uncertainty or anxiety. Therefore, its very important to do slow and grounding movement like Yoga or Tai Chi where you're really present with your movements, as well as swimming and dancing. Those are very calming and Vata balancing exercises, as long as you're not overdoing yourself. Strength training in moderation is also great in order to really help build muscle and mass for the Vata slender frame.

Pitas: activities that relieve tension & stress.

Pittas are very goal orientated and intense, therefore it's important to do movement that relieves this tension. Playing more and competing less is a great way to approach any activity for Pittas.

Cooling, calming activities to keep the fire in balance, are great for Pittas, such as swimming, rowing or surfing.

Nature provides balance and can also be a great way to cool your whole system down. I am very lucky to live in London where it tends to be quite cold outside most of the time. So, if you live in a coldish city like me, and you need to balance that flame, make sure to go outside for a walk or hike.

Recovery is very important for Pittas, so really try and get that yoga class into your busy schedule once or twice a week in order to improve flexibility.

Kapha: Movement that creates lightness and heat in the body

Earth and water very heavy energy is therefore forecast as the more movement the better. So if you're noticing any kind of stagnation, fluid retention or heaviness try and get that Zumba, spinning or aerobics class into your schedule. In general, try and bring in the heat wherever you can- this means getting your blood pumping!

Motivation to get up and moving the covers can be actually the difficult bit so make sure you're doing exercise that you genuinely do enjoy. If you don't like the treadmill or you're not into spinning then please find a dance class or a fun competitive game-like activity where you're not thinking 'that's the longest minute of my life' but 'let's win this!'.

If you enjoy strength training then that's also an awesome option because Kaphas are naturally really strong so that exercise will come in easy for them.

The good news is that Kaphas is that you guys generally are really good with routines and habits so once you get that 20 a day in you'll be right on track.

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