How is the Best Way to Exercise? What Kind of Movement & Exercise Do we Need According to Ayurveda?

Movement is necessary for life to exist—movement of our bodies, respiration, circulation, and cell to cell.

Movement is life, according to Ayurveda.

Most of us will say that we move around a lot commuting to work and even just doing chores around the house. (This might however not be the case considering everyone is working at home.) But nonetheless it's important to get as much movement as we can that is mindful.

1. Aerobic

Getting your heart rate rate up and pumping is extremely increasing the efficiency of your heart, lungs, and blood vessels. Although that's important, so is doing movement that you actually enjoy. So if the thought of a treadmill makes you want to run away, then run away to a dance class!

2.Strength Training

As we get older we loose a significant amount of bone density and muscle. Listing weights can help us restore that and move towards optimal health.


This is not only good for your joints and muscles but for calming doing the nervous system. If you're dong yoga for examples you're also incorporating movements with breathing exercises.

How to Exercise

Most of us will ignore the sensations in our bodies whenever we're exercising. At the gym I used to always get usually distracted by the podcast that I'm listening to for the heavy grime music. Although that's fun I do miss out on all the wonderful endorphins that are being released and actually feeling the benefits of exercise.

Endorphins are released when you workout. It feeds your cells with nutrition. It allows your body's vital life force to flow freely. It also alerts your brain to possible mishaps or injury. By diverting your attention away from your workout, you perpetuate the notion that exercise is a chore to be avoided rather than enjoyed.

Ayurveda is all about being present and mindful. There's a time and place for music and there's a time and place to feel your body.

In order to stay mindful, we need to be aware of our senses:

1. Sound

What can you hear? Is it your breathe? Is your body making any sounds? Is the music you are picking distracting or empowering or relaxing?

2. Touch

What can you feel? Is your body heating up or cooling down?


What can you see? How is the lighting- is it distracting, empowering or soothing?


What can you taste? Is your body producing saliva? Do you have the energy needed to complete the exercise?


What sensations can you smell? Are there any smells that are distracting or hindering you performance?

Are you struggling to get exercise into your routine? Do you feel like you're not optimum health, struggling from fatigue or just feeling imbalanced? Then join my waiting list here and we can figure that out together!

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