Stress: Friend of Foe According to Ayurveda. Is Stress Good or Bad for You According to Research

Chronic stress is the underlying cause of many illnesses, including heart disease, depression, anxiety, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and some types of cancer, according to a growing body of studies. The good news is that stress isn't an uncontrollable force. It does not exist in the environment or in situations outside of us. Our sense of physical or psychological risks causes us to be stressed.


The emotional distress, racing heart rate, shallow breathing, rushing adrenalin, and other symptoms of the stress reaction are caused by our thoughts and the storey we tell ourselves about these events, not by the traffic congestion, approaching deadline, or quarrel with our spouse.

Consider how two people might experience the same event in two completely distinct ways, such as riding a roller coaster.


Roller coasters may be viewed as an exciting adventure by some, as they plunge down the tracks in a tiny vehicle dangling hundreds of feet in the air. It's an uplifting, thrilling feeling.

Riding a roller coaster, for someone who is afraid of heights or the feeling of being out of control, may be a horrifying experience that should be avoided at all costs.

We have the ability to change our perception of a circumstance thanks to our eternally inventive thoughts. We have the ability to:

-> Find new meaning and satisfaction in something that used to terrify us.

-> Choose to let go of events, behaviours, and relationships, as well as anything else that drains us and keeps us from experiencing our natural state of happiness and well-being.


Every day, meditate.

One of the most effective strategies to release accumulated tension and modify our perspective of our situations is to meditate on a daily basis.

We enter a condition of relaxed alertness during meditation, which increases our creativity, intuition, and joy. We develop a witnessing awareness that allows us to take a step back from a potentially stressful circumstance and respond with awareness instead of worry and anxiety.

Are you having trouble managing stress? Are you having issues letting go of stress and could you even perhaps be in a state of chronic stress? If the answer is yes and you would like my help, then please join my waiting list here. I would love to start working with you on improving your life and reaching perfect health

Sending you peace, calm and the right 'perception' (if you know what I mean 😉).



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