Meditation for Begginners: The Mechanics of Meditation & What Newbies Should Know When Starting

New meditators frequently worry that they're not meditating correctly or that they're getting inappropriate meditation sensations. Do not look at what you experience when sitting with your eyes closed if you want to contemplate the value of your meditation.

Every single one of your experiences is correct. It's impossible to have a lousy meditation. You're doing it right as long as you show up for daily meditation practice and follow the basic directions.

In fact, it's even normal to fall asleep every so often but that just means you're tired. Sleep was part of your experience. Perhaps a nap was what you needed instead of a cup of strong coffee. If you are however falling asleep often during meditation, then perhaps it's a good idea to adjust your lifestyle slightly, by probably getting more sleep and rest.

Meditation thoughts are not only typical, but they're also a good indicator.

During meditation, the ideas you have indicate that stress is being released.

You may become frustrated or caught up in your thoughts as stress is discharged through meditation. Make every effort to avoid resisting thoughts or any other experience. When you recognize you've strayed from the chant, gently bring your attention back to the So Hum repetition. The meditation process includes a natural back-and-forth between ideas and the chant.

Soon, you'll slip into the silence.

Every time, a regular meditation practice will make the journey simpler.

During meditation, your consciousness shifts from the mind's chaotic activity to the calmer levels of the thought process, eventually revealing the silence between them. You'll have a deeper and deeper understanding of your core essence and the field of unlimited possibilities as you meditate on a regular basis.

But why so some people find meditation more difficult than others? Read this blog and find out why.

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