Internal Causes of Disease. Emotions and How to Cleanse Yourself, Heal & Release.

A disease's causes can be internal or external. I'm sure you can guess what the physical causes of diseases are, perhaps it could be a car accident or poor nutrition. Those are things we are more or less able to 'see' and therefore deal with accordingly. However, emotions are part of our wellbeing and if we don't know how to properly process them, they too can also lead to internal damage.

So, emotions can cause sickness. Any emotion that lasts for a long time can be considered a disease cause. Emotions can sometimes be a symptom of a sickness. Although list only seven emotions, this does not imply that there are only seven emotions.

ANGER encompasses feelings like fury, frustration, and resentment. Anger affects the liver, causing stagnation in the liver-chi or a flare-up of the liver-fire. Headaches, tinnitus, a red face and/or neck, or a red tongue with a bitter taste are all common symptoms. Repressed anger or resentment is a common cause of long-term mental depression.

JOY is an overabundance of excitement rather than a healthy level of contentment. Joy has an influence on the heart, which may be caused by abrupt excitement or continual mental stimulation without rest; hence, a competitive spirit can cause heart-fire.

SADNESS not only impairs the lungs, but it can also harm the heart. Sadness depletes lung-chi, resulting in weariness, despair, and shortness of breath. It can also lead to sexual issues.

WORRY AND PENSIVENESS cause the spleen to weaken, resulting in lack of appetite, diarrhoea, and nervous issues. Excessive pondering or mental labour might lead to pensiveness. The spleen is readily harmed, and it may be unable to transfer and transform as a result. Worry depletes the spleen-chi in the same way that too much mental work does. Worry also affects the lungs, resulting in anxiety symptoms and shoulder stiffness. Many people who are chronic worriers have rounded shoulders, which can make breathin

g difficult.

FEAR depletes kidney-chi in the same way that it depletes essence. This causes insecurity, as well as a dry mouth and throat. Heat in the face can be caused by a kidney-yin deficit.

SHOCK has an adverse effect on the heart and kidneys, depleting heart-chi and causing palpitations and insomnia. The mind, or'shen,' is located in the heart, and the shock causes an upheaval, causing the chi to become chaotic. Dizziness, chilly, sweating, and shivering will ensue if the essence in the kidneys is unable to treat the unrest.

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