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How to Enhance Your Sense of Taste by Cleaning Your Tongue With a Tongue Scraper

You'll appreciate the advantages of tongue cleansing, which not only removes toxins and bacteria from the tongue but also freshens your breath, improves your perception of taste, and prepares your digestion for the day.

Here's how you can do this:

1. Take both hands and grip the two ends of the tongue cleaner. Extend the tongue and place the tongue cleaner as far back as is comfortable on the tongue's surface. To remove the undesirable coating, gently drag the tongue cleaner forward.

2. Rinse the tongue cleaner several times and repeat if necessary.

3. With repetition, using a tongue cleaner becomes second nature. If you have a gagging sensation when using the product, relax your tongue and breath. You can also begin by moving your tongue forward and then backwards as you grow used to the sensation.

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