Digestion 101

Here's a free course on digestion in 12 Short TikTok Videos

I am very excited for you to start your journey towards perfect health! So, let's get started...

3 Things You Might Not Know About Your Digestion (Pt.1)


3 Things You Might Not Know About Your Digestion (Pt.2)


6 5-Minute Digestion Hacks


5 Things That Weaken Your Digestion or Agni (Digestive Fire)


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Why You Need All 6 Flavours According To Ayurveda (Pt.1)


Why You Need All 6 Flavours According To Ayurveda (Pt.2)


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3 Ways To Eat Foods That Have The Most Life Force (Prana): Improve Your Nutrient Absorption


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Movements You Need To Do For Optimal Health


Why Ayurveda Is The Most Powerful Healing Tool

If you're struggling with digestion issues or just generally don't feel like yourself, then don't worry, you are not alone. I too struggled with health, not only regarding my digestion but also mental health... until I found Ayurveda.

The most powerful tool we have for healing is our own body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda is a lifestyle medical practice that empowers the inherent healing within us, guided by choices best suited for the individual’s unique dosha combination (body type).

Its effectiveness lies in making the body strong to withstand life's obstacle course. Wellness isn't merely the absence of illness... it's feeling centred, energetic, and awake with possibilities... our goal is perfect health & balance.

If you would like my help in guiding you towards perfect health, then please join my waiting list here.

On a side note... whilst being heathy is important, it's also vital to enjoy life and not restrict yourself. So please don't forget that and experience this magical world to your fullest potential. That's just my opinion though. So, after you've had your broccoli, don't forget some bubbly waffles 😉

Sending you love, light and a cheesy smile on your face.

Anya xxx

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