Comfort and Discomfort: What Emotions Stem From

All emotions come from a sense of ease or discomfort at their most basic level.

Comfort: When our needs are met

We feel emotions of pleasure, happiness, relief, joy or love.

Discomfort: When our needs are not met

We feel pain, suffering, sadness or distress.

Your underlying motive (whether you realize it or not) is to maximize comfort and decrease discomfort with every action you make. This has an impact on everything you do, from what you eat to who you hang out with. These two emotions are the simplest and most basic of all emotions. They're born with it. This concept of pain or pleasure drives us all.

The stillness you experience between each thought, that's pure awareness. That is never changing, always peaceful and full of joy.

On the other hand, emotions are always changing. Emotions are fleeting experiences in awareness because they begin with cognition. You may see your thoughts and emotions in the space between them, that is awareness, and then use them to better your life rather than letting them use you.

Getting personal

I am going to get a bit personal but in the past, I always looked for the easy way out. Whenever I had an uncomfortable feeling or thought I would automatically jump towards something that could get me out of that discomfort. Often times it would be alcohol or smoking something or going to the gym or distracting myself with social media or education. Maybe in the short term, it saved me from feeling terrible but soon this behavior lead to dire consequences. I developed an addiction and various health issues. That was probably the most challenging time of my life and there were times when I questioned whether was really that cruel. But now looking back, that experience what the best thing that had ever happened to me as it lead to what I call my 'spiritual awakening'.

I now am on a spiritual path. I am happier, healthier, and more fulfilled than ever before in all aspects of my life. Every day really gets better and I am excited about the future. But this was all due to a lot of hard and uncomfortable work, the keyword here is uncomfortable. I went to therapy and unpacked my past trauma, made amends to people that I had harmed, started working out, started helping and serving other people, I learned to listen to my intuition and make healthy choices regarding my nutrition and body, as well as my mind by quitting negative habits such as drinking, smoking, negative thoughts and starving myself. I started meditating daily, reading spiritual texts, studying herbalism and Ayurveda, writing a gratitude list, cooking for myself, setting boundaries, and more! I did not do this on my own and I don't think I would have come so far without the help of trusted guides. For them, I am truly grateful.

This all lead me to expand my emotional awareness, where I

1) Started experiencing more joy, peace, and happiness in everyday moments (fostering happy emotions and letting go of ones that don't serve me, whilst still allowing myself to feel them)

2) Became better at navigating through life's obstacle course (managing stress, problems, and unexpected issues)

3) Cultivate healthy and meaningful relationships with others (having boundaries, being able to accept people the way they are, really be there for them to listen and love.

If you too are in a place that I was before my spiritual awakening and would like my help, please do not hesitate to contact me or join my waiting list here.

Together we can expand your emotional awareness and start you on a journey towards perfect health, where you can thrive in this world of endless possibilities.

Sending you love, light, and a cheesy smile on your face.

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