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5 Reasons You Should Start Doing Yoga According to Ayurveda (Mind, Body and Spirit wise).

Through yoga, self regulation occurs. In Sanskrit yoga means union of the mind body and spirit.

1. Its good for us Physically

Physically we improve the flexibility and strength of our muscles as well as better balance.

You will also experience better digestion, as yoga modulates the enteric nervous system which regulates your digestive system.

2. Improved Emotional Wellbeing and Strength

Modern science has seen seen improved mood via the regulation of neurotransmitters between the gut and our brain. It can also improve chronic fatigue, anxiety and pain.

The voice in your head screaming 'This is painful I can't hold this posture any longer', that you start to overcome and ignore, is your mind becoming more flexible and stronger.

When practising yoga we enhance our interception which is the communication between the brain and body.

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