3 Ways to Detox Your Morning Routine + Use Better Alternatives

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Here are 3 ways you can get an instant high-five from your internal organs! Just remember what products you use in the morning make a difference, but even more so what you say to yourself... so don't forget to pray, meditate and say those positive affirmations too.

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1. Deodorant

Make sure to use a natural deodorant without aluminum or parabens. Those products mimic the way oestrogen works in your body so an excess of that chemical can lead to cancer.

Here's the one I use:


*not an ad by the way

2. Use EWG verified products

Here's the link to check which ones are good to go!


3. Minimize Flouride

Pretty please always check with your doctor and do your own research on this one. I like to use a 'normal' toothpaste before bed and then a non flouride one in the morning.

Like this one for example:


4. Get Rid Of Teflon Pans!

If you have breakfast in the morning, you're hopefully using a cast iron pan, because Teflon is highly toxic and has shown to cause lung damage, as well as infertility in women

Like this one for example: https://amzn.to/3ElPOKx

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