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The Mind + Body 

For Mother Nature's strength is our own,

The secrets of the Universe we'll be shown,


Ancient Alchemy for Modern Minds,


To our Highest Selves we align.


Love + Light, 


Balance Body, 

Master The Mind, 

Shine The Soul.

Ayurveda is The Answer, 

Anya xxx

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I managed to balance my hormones, heal hypothyroidism and quit addictive habits with holistic medicine and hypnotherapy, even when doctors told me I'd be on medication my whole life!


I'm here to help you do the same!

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Heal From The Root

What Some of My Clients Have To Say: 

"I found any on TikTok and booked in a call as I was struggling with hormone imbalance in my thyroid. 


She really helped me understand the root cause of my issues and created a comprehensive plan of action. It also helped that she went through the same thing. 

What I love about Anya is that she really cares. She really does provide the most amazing support and helps you implement the changes you need to do with her 24/hours WhatsApp support. 

I am now recovering and my thyroid levels are increasing every time I do a blood test! It's amazing. I also feel so much more energised. I think I also lost weight and am trusting my body more.  

I am so happy I don't need to go on medication, as doctors told me that would be the only option.

Thank you so much Anya! 

- Jane -

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(& am passionate about)

Health + Wellness


I am an Ayurvedic practitioner that can help you restore balance and bring you back to optimal health by healing your physical, emotional and spiritual body. 

Wellness isn't merely the absence of illness... it's feeling centred, energetic, and awake with possibilities.

Want to start working with me towards perfect health?

Hi, I'm Anya 👋

I am a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Herbalist, and Hypnotherapist


I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when 4 years ago and was told I would be on medication my whole life! I am glad that I didn't listen and decided to heal naturally. 

Now my mission is to help people heal too with the help of Ayurveda, natural herbs and other lifestyle changes.

The Problem: Feeling off-balance, chronically ill, constantly tired or unfullfilled? That's not normal and there's a way out. I know that, as I've been there.

The Path:  Finding the root cause of your issues, cleansing your body of physical and emotional toxins and reprogramming your mind towards healing.

The Proposal: Perfect health

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(in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism) extreme 

happiness, one of the highest states of being.

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IG & TikTok: @anyalevi

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