Anya Levi


What’s my story?

Let the truth let you be

Ancient Alchemy, Modern Minds

At 21 my health was completely shattered. To be honest, I was completely to blame. It wasn’t my genetics, it wasn’t my environment, it wasn’t my circumstances- it was my all due to my poor choices and total unawareness leading up to this event.


To the outside world I was killing it but inside, I was dying.


Now I feel healthier and more well than ever. I’m not on any medication (again, there’s nothing wrong with medication this is just my journey). I love who I am, who I am with and what I do. 

This was because I decided to take responsibility for my health. I quit toxic habits such as dieting, drinking and smoking (everything), negative thinking and false beliefs, which admittedly need a separate novel on their own, and started the uncomfortable inner work, healing with herbs and organic whole foods, as well as sleeping 8-9 hours a day, working out, meditating, journaling and connecting with nature.

This was all thanks to centuries worth of collective wisdom and the help of trusted guides. Soon I learned to also listen to my body, the timeless intelligence of the very vessel that allows me to experience life. 


(Sounds corny, even banal, I know, but there’s a reason why clichés are usually true.)

Once I realised that anything and everything can be healed with the help of Mother Nature, I decided to study it further and help others heal too.


Your discomfort, whether it be a disease, despair or a set-back, is your greatest antagonistic ally. 


Abandon any feelings of hopelessness and be prepared to accept that any ‘failures’ are all successful outcomes. You can always learn from them, let them guide you n the right direction and awaken your consciousness. 


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